Undercover Mumbai

9th-14th September 2013 – BBC Radio 4

Undercover Mumbai

Stripped across the entire week and culminating in an hour-long Saturday drama, this fast-paced,  police thriller follows Alia Khan, a young woman inspector in the Bandra Division of the Mumbai Police Force, as she attempts to solve a series of crimes, make sense of her troubled past and cope with being a woman in a male dominated and chauvinistic police force.

Written by Ayeesha Menon and directed by John Dryden.

Episode 1 of 6: GUTTER BABY 10.45, Mon 9th September

When a baby is rescued from a gutter, it falls on the only female police officer on hand, Alia Khan to look after it.  Stuck with a new partner, and a boss who is determined to put her in her place, Alia has to fight to be noticed.

Episode 2 of 6: WHAT’S COOKING? 10.45, Tue 10th September

The search for a missing husband leads Police Inspector Alia Khan to the Tandoori restaurant where he was last seen.

Episode 3 of 6: BODY OF CHRIST 10.45, Wed 11th September 

The body of a young girl is washed up on Juhu beach. A tattoo on her ankle leads police inspector Alia Khan on the trail of a child prostitution ring.

Episode 4 of 6: MAD WOMEN 10.45, Thu 12th September

Police Inspector Alia Khan investigates a psychiatric hospital where women are admitted but never seem to come out.

Episode 5 of 6: FIVE-STAR DEATH 10.45, Fri 13th September

A dead glamour model in a five-star hotel leads Police inspector Alia Khan on the trail of Bollywood’s leading heart-throb.

Episode 6 of 6: ONE LAST SACRIFICE 14.30, Sat 14th September

As India’s general elections draw near, and the world’s largest democracy decides its future, A murder and a political scandal leads Police Inspector Alia Khan to unravelling the truth about her policeman father’s death. A climactic hour-long final episode of the police detective serial set in Mumbai.


Alia – Prerna Chawla, Nakul – Anand Tiwari, Inspector Desai – Rajit Kapur, Mrs Gomes – Radhika Mittal, Popo – Rohit Malkani, Alia’s father – Zafar Karachiwala, Vikram Naresh – Darius Shroff, Commissioner Kripalani – Jayant Kripalani

Other parts: Karan Pandit, Faezeh Jalali, Anahita Oberoi, Devika Shahani-Punjabi, Sohrab Ardeshir, Kenny Desai, Nadir Khan, Vivek Madan, Ayeesha Menon, Ankur Vikal


Sound Recordist – Hitesh Chaurasia, Sound Design – Steve Bond, Editing Assistants – Andrew Lewis & Aditya Khanna, Script Editor – Mike Walker, Assistant Producer – Toral Shah, Producer – Nadir Khan, Music – Sacha Putnam., Writer – Ayeesha Menon, Director – John Dryden

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